Mission Statement

Hi, my name is Kenny Wallach and my mission is for you to execute your poses to make your physique look at it’s absolute best!!!

You work your ass off with training, spend your time doing cardio, follow your diet meticulously, and spend a ton of money buying the right foods and supplements to improve your physique both off season and pre-contest and anything short of showing your physique the way it deserves to be shown would be an injustice and a shame!!!

In my 40 years in the sport, I have seen many shows at ALL levels lost, due to inadequate posing by competitors who had the better physique, on the other hand seen shows won because of great posing by competitors who weren’t as good!!! DO NOT sell yourself short!!! Give yourself every advantage!!!

I’ve worked with competitors of ALL levels, from first time competitors to IFBB Pros competing in The Olympia!  I will give you the very best I have to give, at ALL times, so that you will bring to the stage an unbelievable confidence and posing ability. By knowing that, you WILL be showing your physique that you worked so hard to achieve at it’s absolute very BEST!!!!



Kenny Wallach

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